9 Easy Steps

  1. Read the job description prior to applying for the role.

  2. Complete an application form and provide it to one of the five relevant departments listed on the JD.

  3. Submit your application to the relevant department and ask them to complete a Student Ambassador Employment Contract Request Authorisation Form.

  4. Take your application and authorisation form to Outreach or HR and also provide proof of your right to work in the UK – a home or EU Passport. If you are an international student, a visa to prove your right to work must be provided in addition to your passport and you will only be able to work a limited number of hours.

  5. Your paperwork will then be authorised by the Principal and HR will subsequently issue you with a contract, declaration and payroll details. For 2018/19 contracts will only be valid until Friday 28thJune 2019. 

  6. You must sign your contract and return it with the accompanying forms to HR before you complete any work. Otherwise you will not be paid.

  7. Once work is completed, the relevant department must complete a Student Ambassador Timesheet, which must be signed off by the budget holder. 

  8. YouMUST NOTsend friends or other ambassadors to cover you in the event you are unable to attend work – this is the responsibility of the relevant department.

Job Description