Entry Policy for Events

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  • Masks may be required

  • No re-entry to the venue

  • No entry after 22:00

  • All Bags will be searched, no bags bigger than A4

  • People will be subject to random body searches

  • No Knives

  • No Multitools

  • No Glass of any kind

  • No Compressed gas of any kind

  • No Alcohol of any kind

  • No Item deemed to be a weapon

  • No Drugs (Legal highs)

  • No Liquids of any kind

  • No Flares or Fireworks

  • No Umbrellas

  • No pets or animals

  • No selfie sticks

  • Please keep all bikes in the area in front of reception

  • Government social distancing guides will be enforced

The SU and Security onsite reserve the right to refuse anyone entry to any event if these terms are violated