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What circumstances have made it hard for you to carry on your studies During this Covid-19 Pandemic?
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Matt Davies
May 27, 2020
Hi All, Would love to know where my £3k for the summer term has gone? Has anyone seen it? I'm really excited for someone to try and justify why that's an acceptable amount of money to take part in a bi-weekly video call. And before someone attempts to argue that its necessary for the survival of the college, I might point out that the inefficiencies and lacking adaptability within your business are not my problem and that a lack of financial resilience within the organisation should not and must not become the problem of the students. Particularly when the college reports it has cash reserves into the millions. It is outrageous to even begin to suggest that the students should be forced to fund the college to enable its survival. We are paying for a service, and that service has not been delivered to an acceptable level for an extended period of time. The organisation must answer for this,. Also would be great if someone could let me know why it only came to light through a group facebook message that the senior member of staff responsible for my program (CLC) and quite probably other programs is now somebody called Christine, who has been in her post for some time now. I accept that change is part and parcel of the organisation, however the fact this was not communicated in any way is frankly shambolic and utterly unacceptable. It raises serious questions and concerns as to competence of those responsible for this. I look forward to being ignored, not as if we're paying for this sinking ship... Best, Matt
Matt Davies
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